Sunday, May 8, 2011

L'oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation

Hey everyone! So I purchased this foundation about 3 months ago. Its a newer foundation, and you can purchase it at most drugstores. I love the dream matte mousse, so I thought I should try this to see if its similar. The texture is really unique. The dream matte mousse is more clumpy, while this is very fluffy, creamy & soft. It really feels like a souffle. Now when I first started using this foundation my skin was very oily all over. This went over my skin nicely, gave me medium coverage and my skin looked very smooth. I feel like you really don't need to set it with a powder, because it has a very powder like finish. I have set it with powder before and it does make it last longer. It controlled my oil pretty well, but it only lasted around 6 hours. Recently though I've started getting dry patches on my skin, I'm still very oily on my t-zone area but I have horrible dry patches around my cheeks. I tried this foundation and it was HORRIBLE! I gripped to those dry patches awfully. I looked nasty. Therefore if you have very oily skin this is a great foundation but if you have the slightest dry patch don't waste the money, as this is a pricey drugstore foundation. 

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