Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sigma Brushes Review!

Hi my loves! I know it seems like every time I do a blog post I'm apologizing for not  posting anything but I'm going to do it again. I'm sorry! I've been out of town for the past two weeks and haven't been able to post. I'm back and my goal is to post everyday this week! Alright so today I'm reviewing a couple brushes I have. I ordered from Sigma Makeup about a month and a half ago and got the F80(flat top kabuki) and the F40(MAC 224 Dupe). The shipping was fast & everything came great. I had been using those brushes for about a month, they were working great! I didn't have any problems with shedding, and I washed them about once a week. So two weeks ago, it was a tuesday night, I was washing all my brushes. When I started washing the F40 I noticed it was shedding, (which it had shed one or two hairs before then but that wasn't a problem). When I say shedding I mean it was SHEDDING! I have seriously 30-40 hairs in my hand. I sent Sigma an email that night and they replied to me by 11:00 the next day! They said I had received a defective brush and that they would be sending me a new one asap. I got an email at 2:00 the same day saying that it had been shipped and I received the brush that friday! Therefore I'm SUPER impressed with their customer service and will be ordering from them again. 

  The brush quality themselves is amazing! They are cheap brushes & great quality. Since I received the new E40 its amazing! I love the F80 for foundation. I you love the ELF powder brush get this! Its a shorter more denser version of it and I like it better! The E40 is a great blending brush for eyeshadow. Its my favorite. If you have smaller eyes I wouldn't recommend it though because it is quite big! Overall I think these brushes are amazing! I think everyone should try them. 

<3 haley

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