Monday, March 21, 2011

review; ELF Nail Polishes

Hey loves! Before I get started with this review I want to thank you guy for 10 followers! I really appreciate it as I've only been blogging for a couple days. Thanks again for supporting me! Tell your friends :) Now on to the review for today...

So I'm sure most of you guys know about Eyes Lips Face (ELF) makeup and brushes, but what doesn't get a lot of hype is the nail polishes. The reason being they are really hit and miss, although with them only being $1, I'm willing to take that risk :) So I have 7 of these polishes and I like 4 of them. It really just depends on the colors you choose. I don't like the packaging with it being square, I think its nice for them to want to be different but I'm not a fan of applying it with the square top. The brush is just like any normal drugstore brush, so nothing special yet nothing amazing. Each of these polishes take about 2 coats. Now on to the individual reviews :) Please excuse my bad painting nail skills, and my camera refusing to focus :)

ELF's Mint Cream

Without Flash

With caption, 2 coats.

Okay, so this one is on my don't like list. I bought it hoping it would be the perfect mint cream for spring but it wasn't. Its pretty sheer and goes on really uneven. The pictures don't show much but it just goes on so uneven it looks gross. Its also incredibly thin! Maybe 4ish coats could work? lol Who wants to put on 4 coats of nail polish? Not me. This one just wasn't worth it. :( 

ELF's Moonlight

With Flash. 2 Coats.

Without Flash. 2 Coats.
 So this is a nice polish if your looking for a super sheer frosty color. The color reminds me of highbeam from benefit. Its like a silvery goldish? haha I'm really good at describing colors. It would be very pretty for an interview but I'm just really not into the color. It is more thick than the mint cream but defiantly on the thin side.
ELF's Mango Madness With Flash

Without Flash 2 Coats
So this is a very weird nail polish! haha Its a gorgeous hot pink with a beautiful golden sheen. It is a matte finish which is very weird because it still has the shimmer. If you add a top coat over it then its gorgeous, because it add the gloss. So if you just add a top coat this polish is the perfect hot pink! :)
2 coats no flash

ELF's Royal Purple

2 coats with flash
This color is gorgeous! A warm purple with pretty shimmer! It goes opaque in 2 coats, and is so pretty. I wear this all the time, its in my top ten polishes. The consistency is perfect, not to thin or thick. I just love this! Must have! 

ELF's Dark Navy

2 coats no flash

2 coats With Flash
Not much to say about this color just a really nice DARK navy. The formula is really comparable to OPI and is just a really good color. I would describe the color as a black base with a blue shimmer. Really pretty, yet really dark. I don't wear it often because I'm not a fan of things this dark. 
2 coats without flash

ELF's Nude

2 coats with flash
 Yes I do have nail polish in this video. If you want that invisible look than buy this polish! haha Its AWFUL. It looks like a perfect pinky nude in the bottle but its so thin and SO sheer you'll be much better off buying a clear polish. WASTE OF $1! 

ELF's Teal Blue With flash 2 Coats

Without Flash 2 Coats
ELF's Teal Blue is one of my favorite nail polishes ever! It is as good as my OPI & China Glaze polishes! The consistancy is perfect, and it goes opaque with one coat. It doesn't chip fast either! The color is a gorgeous turquoise but more on the green side. I'm actually wearing it today with the black shatter over top, I reach for this polish atleast once a week! ( I paint my nails everyday) Total must have for me!

So overall these polishes are a hit and miss. I defiantly recommend Teal Blue, Royal Purple, Mango Madness and Dark Navy! I think you should all give these polishes a try, they are only a dollar so how much can you lose?!? I just looked back and realized my nails look HORRIBLE, but hopefully you can tell the colors :)

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  1. I'm glad i read this!! I was looking online and was considering buying the minty green one, but now i don't think I will. Good review it was really thorough i likeeeeey :D