Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top Ten ELF Products!

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't been posting blogs everyday but I've been doing makeup for this show everyday so I haven't had time. I promise I will post one everyday next week! Thank you guys! So today I'm going to talk about my top ten ELF(Eyes Lips Face) Products! I know my last post was about ELF but oh well :)

Makeup Mist & Set
I use this everyday to set my makeup! I love it! I also sometimes spray my stippling brush with this before applying my foundation to make it more sheer. I really think this product makes my makeup stay on longer, I use it on all my clients. So good! 

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
This is my go to under eye concealer! I use it everyday. The highlighting side is good but it can be a little bit glittery. I don't have awful under eye concealers so I don't have to have a lot of coverage therefore this is perfect! Its more on the sheer side but not as sheer as the tone correcting concealer from elf. I love this though! Its extremely brightening!

Mineral Blush in Coral
This blush is gorgeous! I reach for this when I don't want to look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup but I still want a glow. Its a very muted coral though, and doesn't have any shimmer. I love it though! My go to blush for summer! 

Cream Eyeliner in Coffee
This eyeliner is great! The feel of it reminds me a lot of the Mac Fluidline, this is the closest thing I've found to it. I use this a lot and the color is just a nice reddish brown with no sparkle. I also want to buy more of these to use as bases. 

Studio Blush in Pink Passion & Candid Coral
These blushes are amazing! I have two of them, Pink Passion and Candid Coral. I use these all the time, they are so pigmented and go on so well. Candid Coral is a coral with golden shimmer, so pretty! Pink Passion(above) is a neon pink, so pigmented I have to use a stippling brush with this. These blushes last forever because you have to use so little! 

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light
I use this everyday so I had to include it in my top ten! I love it and it makes my brows look so good. I still feel like I have to use a clear gel to get them to stay in place, but I love the look of the powder and wax! So good and so cheap. I'm going to purchase this in every color to keep in my kit. 

ELF Stippling Brush
This brush is amazing! I use it to stipple on my liquid foundation and I LOVE IT! I have a small Mac 187 and I like this one better! It hasn't shed or bled! With the Mac one I find it takes longer to get the foundation looking good. 

ELF Eyeshadow Brush

This is one of my most used brushes! I use it almost everyday to apply my all over lid color. I love it! I have like 7 of them and its so great. If you haven't tried it yet you really need to! 

ELF Complexion Perfection
I LOVE THIS! I use it everyday to set my under eye concealer and its such a thin powder it does an amazing job! The color correctors really work good. 

ELF Powder Brush
One of the best brushes ever! I use this for everything, applying foundation, powder, blush, bronzer. I'm not gonna say to much because I have a review coming soon about it, but this is a must have for me!


  1. have you ever tried the ELF HD setting powder? It is supposed to be a dupe for the Makeup Forever powder I was just wondering if its any good.

  2. No I have not. Every time I go to order it its out of stock, but I will get it a soon as I can and do a review :)

  3. Awesome thanks i've been wanting to get it too! I'm just not sure if it's good quality!

  4. Whenever I get my hands on it I will be sure to do a review :) but from what I've heard its pretty good!